The Work

JNB & Associates offers a suite of services to define and secure your organization’s future. We are specialists in developing and managing volunteer-driven campaigns. 

JNB provides counsel for all aspects of fund development, including comprehensive campaign planning/feasibility studies to support capital, endowment, and operating support. 

Major gift development is at the center of a successful campaign fundraising. JNB & Associates specializes in developing and managing volunteer-driven campaigns on this basis. Our support includes the recruitment, orientation, and training of people that you need to realize your fundraising potential. 

Done right, the volunteer leadership developed for campaign fundraising will strengthen top volunteer leadership and sustain your organization for years to come. 


Q & A

Why hire a consultant?
There are many ways to measure a fundraising effort’s success. Raising the monetary goal is victory; however, the definition of success has many facets. 

Working with JNB and Associates will:

  • Lower your net cost
  • Provide a proven campaign structure
  • Secure larger donations
  • Develop your board & volunteer base
  • Discover community ties to your organization
  • Improve annual giving by expanding your donor base
  • Implement long term advancement strategies to sustain your organization’s capacity

Why on-site counsel?

On-site counsel is an integral component of a successful campaign. By availing ourselves to be on-site, we can more readily work with you to accomplish your goals in as little time as possible.

What are the components of a campaign?

JNB will develop the entire campaign infrastructure, including:

  • Preparing your timeline
  • Developing your Statement of Need
  • Evaluating the donor constituency
  • Conducting a planning/feasibility study
  • Executing the Campaign Plan

How do we get started?

Our team will visit for an initial consultation at no cost or obligation. We will listen to your needs and vision, answer your questions, and develop a plan to move your organization to the next level of success. See our Contact page to set up a meeting.