Why hire a consultant?

There are many ways to measure a fundraising effort’s success. Raising the monetary goal is tantamount to victory; however, the definition of success has many facets. Working with JNB and Associates will:

· Lower your net cost
· Provide a proven campaign structure
· Secure larger donations
· Develop your board & volunteer base
· Discover community ties to your organization
· Improve annual giving by expanding your donor base
· Develop long term advancement strategies to sustain your organization’s capacity

Why on-site counsel?

On-site counsel is an integral component of a successful campaign. By availing ourselves to be on-site, we can more readily work with you to accomplish your goals in as little time as possible.

What are the components of a campaign?

JNB will develop the entire campaign infrastructure including:
· Preparing your timeline
· Developing your Statement of Need
· Evaluating the donor constituency
· Conducting a planning/feasibility study
· Executing the Campaign Plan

How do we get started?

JNB will meet you and visit your organization for an initial consultation at no cost or obligation. We will listen; answer your questions, and set-up a strategic plan that would best compliment your needs and capabilities.